Photographer for Minneapolis institute of art

Since July of 2014 I have worked at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) as a media maker, providing creative and strategic direction in developing and implementing media campaigns. Using both photography and video to create visual content of the museum's collections, culture and programs, I collaborate with marketing and curatorial departments to tell the stories of Mia & it's community. Below is a sample of my work. All images on this page are © 2019 Minneapolis Institute of Art. Click on each image for more information.




I create brand content for Mia’s marketing initiatives. My approach to photography is to show instead of tell the unique qualities that make the Minneapolis Institute of Art the world class museum it is.


I photograph every installation at Mia under various mixed and low light conditions. I approach photography using a tripod and available light to communicate the unique experience and ambiance each space has been so thoughtfully designed to offer it’s visitors.


Photographing the rich history Mia has to offer, in situ, is a rewarding challenge. Latent within every corner of the Museum are intriguing details waiting to be seen.


Mia is a community cornerstone that hosts artists project, lectures and education programs. A true joy as a photographer is to witness the lively experiences that happen within the museum walls.


Come as you are, to enjoy, learn and engage in the Art Of Wonder.


Using FADGI best practices, I photograph flat art reproductions through Rapid Image Capture processes on the Copystand. This year alone, I have made 5,000 images from Mia’s collections, which are now available online. I photograph rare and delicate artworks from the Prints & Drawings, Photography and Japanese Print departments. Below are samples of collections I’ve photographed from Pablo Picasso, Walker Evans and Tsukioka Yoshitoshi.


I make time lapses, gifs and videos of art objects and gallery installations for social media and marketing needs.

 Ana Taylor for Minneapolis Institute of Art // © 2019 Minneapolis Institute of Art